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Product information:

Effective printing width: 1.2mm
Data transmission: Bluetooth 4.0
Printing speed: 15 * 20MM / S
Product size: 100 * 70 * 20MM
Printing accuracy: 203dpi
Battery capacity: 1200mAh
Product standard: packaging, machine, warranty card


A:White D110 [single machine, without label paper],
B:White D110 + white label 1 roll,
C:White D110 + 1 roll white + 1 roll transparent label
D:White D110 + 2 roll white label,
E:White D110 + 3 roll white label,
F:White d110+ 10 volume special white label( This label paper is ordinary thermal paper. Not tear proof, not waterproof )

Packing list:
Label printer*1

Label Printer Home Thermosensitive Sticker Printer Portable Bluetooth Small

75,99 €Prix
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