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This is a portable multifunctional foldable computer desk, which can be placed on the desk as a standing desk, on the bed or wherever you want to use the laptop comfortably! You can also put a book or tablet to free your hands. The foldable table legs can be rotated 360 degrees. Lock the position from different angles. Press the adjustment button to adjust the angle. There is a scale on the button for you to confirm the angle and adjust the balance of the table. The feet are made of aluminum alloy, durable and flexible. There is a fan under the table, which can help your electronic equipment dissipate heat and prolong its service life.

1. The feet are made of aluminum alloy, and the adjusting knobs are made of ABS hard plastic plates, which are very durable and flexible. The legs can be rotated 360 degrees and locked at different angles to provide the most comfortable typing angle and reduce the pressure on the neck and shoulders. Release your back pain
2. It can be used as a laptop stand for breakfast trays, audio equipment, projectors, laptop standing desks, bookshelves, writing desks, etc.
3. Includes a mouse panel that can be mounted on the right leg
4. Two non-slip buckles can be installed on the side of the table. When the table top is inclined at a certain angle, it can prevent items from sliding
5. There is a fan under the stage, which can help you dissipate heat and increase the service life of electronic equipment.
6. No need to climb. The angle of the table legs is adjusted by the spring buckle, no additional tools are needed

Product information:
Material: aluminum alloy
Model: jh025
Specification: 42 * 26cm
Color: Black X shape, black double hole fan shape
Size: 42 * 26cm with mouse board with fan, 42 * 26cm with mouse board without fan
Style: Modern and simple

Packing list:
1 x Folding computer desk

Folding Desk Retractable Adjustable Study Desk In Bed Aluminum Notebook Computer

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