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Non-Apple branded products,Compatible with iPhone models

Product Information:

1. Long standby time> 30 days
2. Imported chips
3. Comes with a variety of shortcut keys
4. Scissor keyboard
5. Connect in one second
6. All-round protection


Basic key combination
Apple switching system: FN + E
Chinese and English input method switching: FN + space
Show physical keyboard: FN + control
Switching software: conmband + Tab
Case change: Capslock (if ipad can't be set first: set a + general keyboard + physical keyboard + turn off the caps lock key to change Latin keyboard)
Note: If you need to use different country (Korean, Japanese etc), please configure the system to add keyboard (IPAD settings-general-keyboard-add keyboard)
Mouse: 11.3 * 5.7cm
Keyboard: 24.5 * 15 * 0.6cm

1. If you use bluetooth mouse and touch keyboard, ipad system should be upgraded to OS13 or above
2. After upgrading, open and configure an auxiliary function. You can use the mouse as soon as you open the auxiliary key
3. Bluetooth mouse and keyboard can be connected to ipad at the same time

Packing list:
Keyboard x1
Keyboard x1+
Mouse x1

Compatible with Apple , Color Macaron Ultra-Thin Wireless Keyboard And Mouse

19,99 €Prix
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