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Product information:
Type: Optical mouse
Mouse size: rat (≥120mm)
Connection with computer: wired
Applicable models: desktop
Photoelectric resolution: 2400-4800-6400-7200 (dpi)
Number of keys: 7 (keys)
Interface: USB
Adjustable resolution: four gears
Operating distance: 1.8 (m)
Working method: photoelectric
Wheel direction: four-way wheel
Feature: Gaming Mouse
Color: 1 X7 black e-commerce packaging, 2 X7 yellow e-commerce packaging, 3 X6 6400DPI RGB marquee version color box packaging, 4 X6 6400DPI, 5 X6 black 3200DPI e-commerce version, 6 X6 black 3200DPI color box version, 7 T80 black E-commerce color box, 8 T90 e-commerce color box 7200DPI, 9 T98 color box packaging 7200DPI, 10 T91 e-commerce color box 7200DPI, 11 T96 hardcover gift box black 7200DPI, 12 T80 silver e-commerce color box, 13 T96 hardcover gift box silver 7200DPI

Colorful RGB Breathing Light Gaming Silent Gaming Mouse

18,99 €Prix
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